Health Benefits of Orange Juice

Immune System:Oranges & the orange juice are known as the powerhouse of healing properties & one of richest source of the vitamin-C that you can add to your diet. A single serving of orange juice have more than 200% of the vitamin C requirement of our body. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, it function as primary antio-xidant in the body, & destroy free radicals before they can damage to body systems. Our body need vitamin C to stimulate the other aspects of our immune system as well. Vitamin C is one of fundamental components of collagen, which are necessary to repair cells and for the growth of new tissues in body.

Cancer Prevention: Vitamin C work as anti-oxidant & one of most important function of anti-oxidant is that they prevent cancer. Anti-oxidants keep DNA of healthy cells from mutating with cancerous cells, so anti-oxidants are first line of defense for cancer & other auch serious diseases. Orange juice also contain the anti-oxidant hesperidin, that is connected in reducing tumor growth.

Detoxifying Properties: Orange juice also have high amount of vitamin A, that acts as moderate anti-oxidant. It detoxifies body by increasing boosting function of kidneys. Vitamin A is also connected to eye health, by adding required vitamin A in your diet  you can boost your ability to see at night. A single serving of the orange juice have nearly 50 percent of daily required intake of this vitamin.

Blood Circulation & Creation: Another powerful benefit of orange juice is its folate content. It is member of B complex, technically it’s vitamin B9. This vitamin is very essential in creation of DNA & growth of new cells. Folate keep cells safe from mutation. Folate plays  an important role in building new red blood cells (RBC), as well as stimulates flow of blood to extremities. That means organ systems are well oxygenated & working at their full capacity. This supports overall metabolism of body and functioning of all systems, making more efficient.

Inflammation: The citrus fruits are generally considered as anti inflammatory agents. High sugar and fat meals may lead to inflammation of many body parts, and that, can lead to development of more insulin resistance. That is one of major cause of type 2 diabetes.

Blood Pressure: Hesperidin is anti-oxidant, which means it protects body against disease & cancer, but this compound also impacts activity & functioning of the small blood vessels. This may have a  major impact on the blood pressure, research have connected this anti-oxidant to reduction in over all blood pressure and decreased chance of the cardiovascular disease.

Cholesterol Balance: High cholesterol is the most dangerous cause of cardiovascular diseases, so every way of reducing cholesterol from body is of worth. Orange juices have been found good in reducing presence and effects of the “bad” cholesterol level, and increase amount of the “good” cholesterol in body.

A Few Words of Warning: It might seem like one glass of fresh squeezed orange juice is best thing that you can add to your diets, & in the most cases, it is true. But, having too much of good thing might be dangerous. Orange juice is quite acidic, so much acidic liquid in body can upset your stomach. Furthermore, as oranges have a high glycemic load, so drinking a lot at once may cause massive fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which can lead to complication for the diabetic patients.


It is  complicated world we live in today. No longer can one buy % consume food based on its face value. With the growth of technology &food becoming an industry in the Western world, there have been many authentiic concern about how fruits & vegetables are grown. With profit as the main concern,  health of the end consumer is often left as  afterthought.

Organic produce is different in that fruit & vegetables are grown naturally without the interference of strong chemicals.

Organic juice is a juice made by natural produced grown with a minimal interference from human-kind. The highest health benefits of the organic juice lie in raw materials from which it’s made. Fresh organic  help in increasing over all health. It have more nutrients and vitamins  that feed our body. Juices made in the blender also contains dietary fiber, which is necessary to consume  because it clean out body & regulate bowel movement. The nutrients containe in organic juice will depend on the ingredient. Drinking the organic juice with correct ingredient help us to increase energy level. It makes you feel refreshed & raring to go.

Organic juice contain  high amount of antioxidant. This help to keep our body healthy, young and fighting against cluesof aging. Anti-oxidants help to obstruct disease like cancer. Patients with diabetes could have benefits from drinking the green organic juice because it can help stabilize blood sugar level & contribute to daily consuption of vegetables. In additioN, pregnant woman also benefit get from regularly taking organic juice with the correct ingredients. Both mother & child requires calcium and folic-acid, using ingredient that is rich in these e.g. kale & spinach is  beneficial.


Normally, children enjoy drinking juice. But, there are intense discussion in the medical world whether juice is really good for children or not . Certain researches have shown that too much juice could cause child fatness. Therefore it is good to serve juice in measure for Child. It’s good to consult  your doctor about quantity to be consumed daily. Organic juice is  healthiest juice, as it has nutrients that are required by  growing child. It is a lot better than the juices that contains some added ingredients like preservatives or sugar. Organic juices also reduce the danger of  child to be exposed to harmful stuff.  It is good to not give juices to babies less than 6 month of age. The older toddler requires only 4 to 6 ounce of juice each day. Its not good in long run for growth & development of child.


Organic juice is abundant in minerals and vitamins. It contains anti-oxidants that help cleanse body of toxins & impurities. Also it help to fight with dangerous free radicals. Anti-oxidants are avtive for skincare. They help in fight against aging & keep the skin young and glowing. A regular consumption of the organic juices really help to keep our body healthy. Organic juices diet has now gained the popularity as  a quick method for fast weight loss. A healthy and safe diet would take into account general health,everyday work , age and body type.

Nutrition From Organic Juice
The nutrition gained from the organic juice depends on ingredients used. As discussed, organic produce is good in terms of benefits offered. It’s also have no chemical intervention & safer as well. For  super healthy juices, lot of green-leafy vegetable are suggested. The nutrients in the organic juices consist of green vegetables are folic acid, magnesium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Other advantages are that green vegetables are much low in cholesterol, Sodium and fat. It is good idea to add some fruits to make a good taste.

Side Effects Of Organic Juice
Organic juices are expensive in comparison with other juices in market. Side-effects of organic juices are dizziness & fatigue if used as a replacement for food. Our body require diet from every group of food in certain amount.


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